Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I've been up to!

So, my last few Blog posts have been fillers for the most part...but it doesn't mean they aren't important! Especially the Voice Over stuff at LDP Productions !!

I have been pretty busy over the weekend, and I'll show ya what I've been doing....
My awesome husband and I have been doing some major summer cleaning around our house.
We had 2 rooms which were *gag* disgusting.
They were just stuffed full of stuff that we needed to throw away, or get rid of, and just hadn't.
But we finally bit the bullet, and got a storage unit and put some big items in there that we didnt want in the house, and about 600 totes of stuff. (Not really, but it seemed like it!)

So out of all that, my craft room emerged! I no longer have just a Corner...I have an entire ROOM!
*girl scream*
Yes, it needs new paint, and yes, the lighting is HORRIBLE...
But its mine.

OK, Ok, Not that impressive, but I promise you, its amazing in

I also did some re-organizing, and got this little piece of idea from Pintrest

How smart right? Rolls of ribbon in a little crate with can just pull the ribbon out and the ribbon stays put! GENIUS!!
Also, I got my shipment in from Oriental Trading! *Squeal*
350 pieces of fresh craft paper. 150 pieces of it is Christmas paper..WOOHOO!
I forced my friend Michelle to give me her entire family's info, and made her a fun Family board.
Of course, this isnt it finished, but heres what it looks like, kinda lol
So, at my son's school, they were going to have a "Blue Circle" Party....all about, you guessed it, Blue Circles.
So, I decided to try my hand at Cake Pops.
Well, my sister helped too :)

They were a learning experience...not hard, but not like crazy easy either...we know what we'll do different next time.

Sorry, I didnt get step by step pics...its a rather messy process lol
But here they are in my freezer.
Please dont look too hard at this freezer needs to be re-organized lol

Close up!
In all its Blue Circle Cake Pop glory.

Matching thumbnail color, just a fluke.

I also tried my hand at Mug Cake.

Yeah, not great.

Im going to keep looking for a recipe that is actually GOOD!

There ya have you know what I have been up to this week.

Wanna know what I'm up to next?
You'll have to wait and see the results ;)

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