Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wanna go on a Date?

Well, here I go again....That darn Pintrest site just wont leave me alone!
I found something I wanted to re-create.
Did I do a good job at it? Probably not! lol
But I did my best.

Here is what I was trying to re-create:

Cute, right? I thought so too!
Its all the birthdates of the parents, then the anniversary date of their marriage, then the birthdates of their children.

I have a ton of paper coming to me that I have I was impatient and had to make due with what I had.
It didn't come out exactly as I had planned...but its cute, and I hung it up. So there! :p

Wanna see? Huh? Do ya?


haha Just kidding.
So here's how it started out...I was going to put the hearts and = signs, just to ya know...cute it up a little.
But my dear friend Marlana and I decided that Eh, not so cute.
So I took them off, and just spaced it a little different.

As I was Mod Podging it all down, it got spaced even more different.
I have learned through doing this project, that I will be investing in a ruler for straight lights, and even spacing.
No telling why I dont have one in my house already. Weird.

So here it is.

Its not exactly how I wanted it.
And if I ever have another kid, i'll have to make another one.
But thats OK...I like it!


  1. I so want one of these but unless i make one thats 10 feet tall i dont think ill be able to fit 8 dates on it! Help i need handie brandie to the rescue!!!

  2. Michelle! FB Message me all your dates, i'll find a way to make it work!