Friday, August 12, 2011

A rose by any other name...

My nameless Cricut has become part of the family.
Just overnight.

So tonight I decided I wanted to get cuttin.
I got the beauty out of the box, and got started..

How beautiful is she? *sigh*

I had something in mind, and got to programming.

Then cutting!
The sound that this beauty makes when cutting paper, is music to my ears!

Cut Cut Cut.

Then cut some 4x6 sheets of background paper.
Any clue on what I'm making?

This probably doesn't give much of a clue, but....

Ok, Ok, I give.

I'm tuning this...

Into this!
(please pretend those are actually IN the frame...I was too impatient to take a picture and the glue still needed to dry!)

I love how it turned out and I need to hang it up on the wall...once that dang glue dries :)

So in the midst of my cutting, my husband comes in to see what the heck I'm doing.
So of course I HAD to show him what this beast could do!

So...This is what he told me to cut out...


Oh yeah, and Im all up in this Blog Hop Business....So if you're interested....

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  1. *squeal* You're going to love it! Oh wait, you already do!!


  2. Oh, and yes, she needs a name.

    I named my Kitchen Aid, Kay. (Get it? K-A?)

  3. HAH! I LOVE Kay!!
    Im thinking of CeeCee...get it? ;)

  4. Nice to have found your blog on Friday Blog hop. Nina

  5. you have a really cute blog! I wish I could get some snow too!!!

    I am your newest GFC follower from the hop!
    would love for you to follow back and say hi!