Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bath inspiration!

I was browsing Pintrest, trying to find some inspiration for a little decoration for the only room in my house with none...
My poor neglected bathroom!

I found this little definition of the word Bath, and wrote it down!
(I blog, I don't handwrite things for a living...don't be hatin' on my handwriting!!)

So off to my cricut I go..I even put my dear friend Marlana on the back-burner to run back to my craft corner (its just a corner of the room...the rest needs to be put in storage, STAT!)
to get started.

White background with grey flowers seemed pretty..then black lettering.

Cut Cut Cut!
The lettering I started with isnt the same I ended with...they were too big, so I had to re-cut and downsize!
Laying it all out before you start gluing. It gives you an idea of where you really want things.
And as you can see, it didnt end up the same as the first layout...and thats OK!
Now after its all dry, and framed!
Its already hanging in my bathroom!

No, you dont get a picture of my entire bathroom...its a friggen mess in there, and I hate it...maybe it'll be the target of its own blog post when we re-do things

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