Monday, August 1, 2011

I've been attacked!

This is what happends when picture frame glass....attacks.

I never realized how sharp those friggen edges are...Wowza...
I swear it cut to the bone, and talk about paiiinnnfffuuulllll
I'll get over day ;)

Onwards and upwards....
I want a new bed. Actually I want to get rid of my big fancy wood and wrought iron bed..
and do something like this:

Hmm, now to find an old door, or some wood....*think think think*

I also ordered some Antique Keys from Etsy, and I cant wait to do this next project..
I love the way it looks. I ordered 9 keys, so I should be able to make 3 of these...I know the perfect place for them too!

Last but not least...I always need an excuse to drink more here's my latest excuse....How cool would this be in a kitchen to put the kids' crafts on?

Ready, Set, Create!

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