Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kitchen Table Makeover: The Ideas

Assuming I dont go out of town, or it rains (In AZ? ha!)
I think my project this weekend is going to be my kitchen table.

Which currently looks like this:
Dont judge me for the clutter...this pic was taken a few months ago.

OK, who am I kidding, its all still there, and possibly more has accumulated.

So now im thinking of ideas, and have a few in my head.

At first I was thinking of going white....

(I dont have the source for the pic right off hand, if its yours please message me, i'll link it!)

But I dont think I like ALL white, including white chairs...looks too sterile, hospital-y.

So instead Im thinking of going turquoise.

What do ya think?
If I do go turquoise, I want to do all different colored chairs, and different types of chairs too. Fun right?

Then, when I finally get the Hutch I've been lusting after, I cant paint it turquoise too!

What? Too much?

(Credit to House of Turquoise for the last 2 pics)

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