Monday, August 15, 2011

A little Birthday Modpodge

Ahh, it's my dear friend, Mod Podge.
What shall we do today?
My son's friend from school is having a Birthday Party tomorrow, so I think we should get together with my new love, Cricut and put a little something together for Ms.Karlie

I went through some scraps of Scrapbook paper that I had, and found these pieces.
Perfect for a now 2 year old.

Put the pieces together, and Mod Podged them down.
Bubbles?? What?!
I tried :/

(please dont look at the mess around the piece im working on...please..just...dont.)

I had some Paint chips that I've gathered here and there...and I thought I would put those to use on the project...So I chose my colors, and cut out her name.

Then you would never guess what I did....

Oh, I gave it away.
I Mod Podged them down, along with all the curley qs that i cut out.

I had a frame sitting in my back room from my yard sale-ing days
And I had a can of Paint too.
I dont know the name of the paint...if anyone asks, then I'll go look.

Put them all together, and this was the final result:

My husband said its hard to read with all the action going on behind the letters and that I should have made all the letters one color, and that the E can almost not be seen at all, and, and, and.
Cant he just say "Nice Job, Babe"

In anycase, I love it.

I think im going to make something similar for my Sons' bedroom door
(But with ya know, boy colors)

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  1. Well, I think it's just beautiful!

    Thanks for linking up with the "What I Love About Me!" blog hop this week! :)