About Brandie

What's that? You want to know about me? For reals? 
OK, since you insist.

So, incase you haven't figured it out yet...my name is Brandie *duh*

Im a 20-something-or-another woman who has been married for as many years as my son is old.  No lie. 

I have an unnatural obsession with Mod Podge, and I pretty much put it on everything.  Its pure madness in this house when its Mod-y time.

I dont usually have anything deep and profound to say, but I do have some good smart ass and snarky comments to pop off with! Ha!

So anyway, there's me in a nut-shell..with all that said, here is a great portrait of my husband and I:

Sweet Right? 
We're fricken adorable!

Ok,Ok, Here's a real picture of me:

I usually dont have my hair did up like a 12 year old...but I was having a particularly bad hair day.