Friday, August 19, 2011

Ooooo Shiny things!

I have a need for shiny things. Me likey jewelry!
I dont wear a lot of earrings though, which is weird....I wear ONE...And this is it:

(Yes, this is my ear....Please, disregard the rest of the picture)

Now, folks, is where I get into the pretties!
My friend Michele over at The B*tch is Twisted makes some AMAZING pendants!
I own this one:
I cannot tell you how much I ADORE my pendant...Seriously, its the prettiest piece of jewelry I own! (Well, of course my wedding set tops it, but nothing else!)

She will custom make any kind of pendant for you, big small, simple, extravagant!

There are no words how beautiful these are!

She also has a butterfly collection she makes in Memory of her son, Myles.
He passed in a very tragic accident, and its totally heartbreaking.
Here is an example of a pendant from her Butterfly Collection:

I want one...No, I take that back, I NEED ONE!!

If you want to venture over, "like" the page, and get searching through pendants! She has A LOT pre-made, or she will custom make you one to your liking! I promise, you will NOT be disappointed!

(Michele did not ask me to write this blog, she did not ask me to plug her business. I wanted to. But I DID get her permission!)

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