Friday, August 26, 2011

Boo Hoo!

Whats that I see?
Halloween Crafts, already?!
Yes Ma'am!

I was on my favorite site (10 guesses on which one that is ;) )
And came across a fun and easy Halloween craft that I just HAD to do!!

I started with some wood letters that I picked up at Wally World for $2.00 a piece.
Sure I could have gotten them cheaper somewhere else...but all we have is Wally World around these parts, and I didnt want to drive 2 hours to a big city to go to Michaels!

I was just going to do just the edges in black....but I got carried away, so I did it all.
Then it came time to pick out some paper.
Again, Wally World to the rescue.
I found a pack of 7 pieces of Halloween paper there for 97 cents.
I picked these three!

Then I cut them to just fit over the letters...Cant be wasting that paper!

Then I laid down a medium layer of Mod Podge.

And smoothed the paper over the letters. Making sure to get rid of any bubbles along the way.

Now here, is where I kind of messed up.
Im not perfect, I'll admit!
I should have let these dry longer than I did.
But I was anxious and wanted to get this project done!

So I took my Handie exacto knife, and cut around the paper.

Yeah...the paper tore.
And It didnt look great....I was kind of bummed..

But I kept going with the rest of the letters. Then I took some sandpaper to the edges, and made it look like I did it on purpose :)

Then I took some black ribbon, and tied them together vertically.....

And this is my semi-finished product.
When more Halloween items get put out at the stores, I'm going to get some other little decorations to put on it to make it look more festive!

Like this one, which was my inspiration for this project (found it on Pintrest of course!)

Have you done any projects from your inspiration pictures?
If you have, link them up! I wanna see!

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