Monday, August 22, 2011

Baby Frames

So I'm a part of a group on Facebook of just a few women (less than 10)
and 5 of them decided to get knocked up all within a few months of eachother.
3 of them are having (have had) single babies
but 2 of the women had to go be all fancy and have twins!
So we there will be 7 babies in just a few months.

I love babies, so I wanted to make something for all of them!
Found some cute frames at good ole' Wally World and bought some ribbon.
What next you may ask?

Mod Podge of course!!

So here are the frames I made :)

The following 2 are for Melissa's twins:
(they have already been born, and I have yet to get them out to her...procrastination sucks)

The follwing 2 are for Angie's boy/girl twins!

I seem to have forgotten to take a picture of Quin's frame....Its the one with the elephant on it, in the picture below. Whoops.

I havent sent any of them out yet....but I made them months ago...I really really need to get on majorly.

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