Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Sister!

My awesome, wonderful, OLDER sister, had her first 29th Birthday a few days ago.
I do have to rub it in that shes older than me....we wont mention by how much ;)

But I had ordered those keys I had talked about, and had some major plans with them. Then out of the blue, I had this idea:

Spray painted the keys black, then put them in a starburst shape around a heart.
Each key represents someone in our family.
Get it?
We hold keys to her heart? She....is...the heart?....anyone?
They didnt either..
It was my way of being sentimental and saying I love my sister.
Even though she can be a turd sometimes.
and bossy
haha just kidding sister!

Anyway, Happy Birthday to my Amazing OLDER (just incase you didnt see it the first time)
Sister, Amanda.
Love you, Lady!

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