Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gotta love them yard sales!

Last summer, I went on a search to find my then newly 3 year old a new twin size bed.
I looked at all the stores, and I just couldn't bring myself to spend 5...6....7...HUNDRED dollars on a bed for the little stinker!

As my Mom and I were out and about looking for Yard Sales, my friend Lori had posted on her Facebook that she was having a benefit sale to raise money for her participant fee for the 3 day walk for Breast Cancer.
Good Cause! So we headed *all the way* out to her house. (It was only like a 6 minute drive lol)

So we get out there, and see this bed taken apart and just laying against the house.
It was dirty, and covered in cobwebs from obviously being in storage for quite sometime.
Its in good condition, so we offer her $20.00 for it.

Here she is in all her glory.
We got the pressure washer out, and sprayed the ever livin hell out of it.
then sanded down some rough spots, but it didnt need much.

Then off to Home Depot.
Stain and matching spray paint for the side bars (They are metal)
Somehow we got the two to match, perfectly!

2 coats of stain later.

Oh, and we had to go guy a box springs and mattress...but that was the easy part lol

Here is the bed all put together in my sons room...before we did more decorating...He's a big boy now, ya know. The old Jungle theme just wasnt gonna cut it :)
Buzz Lightyear has now taken over his room...*sigh*

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