Thursday, August 11, 2011

Oh yeah, Mamma Likey!

So, I was planning on getting a Cricut at some point. I figured it would be after I could save up some $$.
That was the plan, until tonight.

As my husband, son and I were stolling (who strolls anymore, seriously?) through Wally World, I came across some Clearance items in the toy section...mainly some V-Tech V-motion games for his little game console he has. They were $9.00 down from 19.99! I couldnt pass it up.
So the thought sprang into my head to check the craft section....just incase.

So I steer the basket, like a wild crazy woman. Because you know at 7:30pm, EVERY crafter known to man was going to be at that exact Wal-Mart looking for the same exact thing as I am (insert eye rolling here)

I get there, and see the coveted RED sticker...SALE!! empty shelf! OH NO!!

A few stickers down, I see 3 Cricut Creates. They are above a boring ole Yellow sticker that proudly proclaims that the item it represents is 149.99.

So i scoop one up, and go to the little price checker...because there's gotta be a mistake...These HAVE to be on sale.

BEEP! Then it seems like it takes forever for the price to show up....waiting...waiting..


I dont think I could put it in the basket fast enough.
All the while my husband was just watching me with wide eyes, wondering who this person was that he married.

But yes Ladies and Gents (if any guys read this..) I got my Cricut Create for...HALF PRICE!!

Im still in awe.

So here she is, I havent named her yet...but you know I will

So beautiful....I think I might cry....
But I wont, because then it'll make all my paper soggy :)

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