Thursday, August 18, 2011

Homemade Ornaments!

This year, I decided I want to try my hand at making my own Ornaments.
My family always does a "White Elephant" ornament exchange, and I always take a store bought ornament...but not this year!

This one is a really simple paper ornament, shouldnt be too hard to figure out...just some craft paper and glue!
I REALLY like this idea! I need to find an old Scrabble game!

This is a perfect ornament for my son to do! I think he would have fun!

My niece Damera would L-O-V-E this ornament!!

These always look like so much fun! I cant wait to get into it!

Ahhh a beading dream! Hmmm...I'll need to go shopping for wire...
I bet it smells good too!!
Well, wish me luck!!
Oh, I got all these images of of Pintrest!


  1. Those are gorgeous! I used to love making ornaments but haven't done it in years.

  2. How adorable! We used to do all hand made ornaments on the tree... Then I got lazy.