Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So, I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned the website Pintrest in any of my blog posts yet
But I have found soooooooooo many inspirational ideas there.
Seriously, Tons.

Now I know I don't enjoy reading peoples' blogs that have other non-original pictures/ideas on it...but this is purely an inspirational post.
I promise I wont have tons of these :)

I really this this is going to be one of my next projects.
Its super simple, and it would be fast. But very cute.

Then these.
Oh how I love this idea.
Why didn't *I* think of this?
Simple, yet adorable.
Decorate Pringles cans for cookie gifting, or Spaghetti noodle keeping!

And we all know of my obsession with old Skeleton Keys...
So to gather a bunch of random objects, arrange them in the shape of a Key, then paint.

Wal-Mart had these kind of cute, kind of ugly plastic trays on sale a few months ago.
I paid a whole $1.87 for them.

Now I need to gather bottle caps...I wonder if I could get my Dad to have the bartenders keep them at the club he manages..Hmmm...

Now the last...
I have black thumbs.
I swear I cant even keep those un-killable Creeping Charlie plants alive!

But one day I will grow my own herbs.
And when I do, I shall do this!

What inspires you?


  1. I love the bottle cap idea and the pringles can idea is awesome!

  2. Oh Snap! I ment to buy some Pringles lastnight at the store lol Oh well...another time for sure :)

    I love that you read my blog Michelle! Love ya Lady!!