Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Got a little pickled tonight...then jammed out...

So, tonight my sister got totally pickled...5 jars worth of pickled!
Then we jammed out, two jars worth that time.

Fun was has by all parties matter what she tells you.

So lets start off our evening by boiling some canning jars. I was absent from this part of the process...seems I dont know how to show up on time when we do these sorts of things....sorry sister.

She had also scrubbed up all the cucumbers that were freshly picked from my parents' backyard garden.....Those are some mighty fine cukes you got there...

When I finally decided to show my mug, I got to work spearing those cucumbers and cutting them to fit in the jars....I did a perfect job, go ahead, you can say it!

I skipped the boiling of the pickle juice was boring. The seasonings came in a packet, then we put like 7 cups of water and 3 cups of vinegar with it...boiled it up.

Then we commenced to filling up the jars already stuffed with pickles.
As you can see there, we did one whole jar of sliced pickles, just to mix things up.

After we got the jars filled, we put the lids on super tight, and boiled them for about 10 minutes.

Then flipped them over to make sure we didnt have any leaks, and to ensure it was nice and a toiger.
Voila! Pickles!! Now we have to wait atleast 24 hours for them to like...cure...or something...I dont know, but I cant wait to get into them! We made 3 regular pickles (the sliced are regular), one 'zesty' with red pepper flake, then one with garlic....YUM

Onwards and Upwards! Strawberry Jam!!

My sister, being the every so clever girl she is, had these on hand, and looked up a recipe to make simple we did :)

Chop Chop Chop
she cheated and used a little chopper...

Then like 2.5 cups of sugar goes in with them, and boil, boil, boil. 10 minutes of boiling to be exact.

Stiring constantly.

Made 2 jars just a little more than half full. We just had the big jars, so now we both have like, tons of Strawberry Jam to eat. My son is already begging for toast in the morning!
And my sister is already begging for me to make fresh bread (Yes, there will be a blog)

And that folks, is how I spent my evening.
How exciting, I know!

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