Friday, July 29, 2011


So, yesterday, we left off the fun little paint chip project looking like this:


Ok, now we are getting to the messier part. MOD PODGE.

Oh how i love thee Mod Podge.
(the best part is peeling it off your hands after its dried the the project is done! ha!)

There she is, in all her glory!
Oh, I used the Matte version of Mod Podge for this particular real reason, just the one i grabbed.

So, I poured a pretty good blob (yes, thats the technical term) onto the middle of the piece.
I ended up needing more than that, so i just dribbled on some more as I went along.

Spreading it evenly in a medium-thick layer alllllll over.

Then do it two more time. For a total of 3 layers.

Then, you take this mess OUTSIDE! This next part stinks...peee yewwww
Dark Walnut stain. Put a good layer (one dip in the little teeny can I have was all it took)
all over the piece

*GASP* What did I DO!??!
No worries, I got this.

10 minutes later, I just wiped it off....make sure your use your paper towel and rub some into the lines the mod podge left...dont wipe it all off!

I let the stain 'dry' for about 2 hours, then I sprayed a light dusting of clear coat on it.

Lets pretend that I let it sit over night (Im too antsy, I wanted to see the finished project)

And there she is, in all her beautiful glory.
the frame is one that I yard sale-d...25 cents if I remember right. BOO YEAH.

I shall call her Sally, and she shall hang in my kitchen.

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