Thursday, July 28, 2011

Better, see?

Told ya I was getting better! This post is my proof!
Better at what?

This project isnt finished, but I had to wait a few days for things to dry completley and Im just too impatient to not here's my progress on this project.
Remember my post from yesterday?
Of course you do, it was JUST yesterday after all.
I made the square Paint Chip art piece.... Well here is a variation on it, that i decided to do late in the evening on a total whim....
Whims are fun :)

I started out by just laying out my design, getting the colors where I wanted them...I seriously think this was the longest part of the whole picky, ok?

Now that I had my design down, I needed somewhere to stick it to...the paint chips...not...well..nevermind that.

Anyway, I took the backing out of a frame, and it had one of those pre-done frames that you can tape your pictures to, collage like. I dont care for I used that and another thicker piece of cardstock and glued them together...then glued the paint chips to that.
Using my Handie Dandie (haha, see what I did there?) Spray glue.
Gotta line those pieces up just right....though, im off on some. Oh well.

So when you get them all glued down, you'll have something that resembles this:
The edges hanging over the side, looking all point and what not. (If I had a bigger frame, I would have left it, I thought it looked neat!)

But..I needed it to fit in my frame, so I turned it over, and ever so gently (me? haha) cut off the excess.

When its flipped back over, you have this!

There are a few more steps, but that's for another post, folks.

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