Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I suck at pictures, I admit.

When I first began my walk into the craft world, I didnt intend on starting a blog...So i rarely took step by step pictures of my projects, since I knew I was just going to end up annoying my facebook friends with them.....(Sorry guys!)
But I did take a few.

I bought this beauty at a yard sale for $1.00


I deframed her, and got rid of that awful gold-ish white-ish paint on its just nice and white now!

(please excuse my crate o' wires, and my shadowy hands in the bottom of the picture...i swear im getting better at these things!)

So after much debate about what to do...I got some inpiration to do something with Paint Chips...and here is what my final outcome was

While its not exactly like the picture on the link, it turned out pretty cool in my opinion. I had some extra paint chips, so I made another project...but thats for another day.

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