Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I really shouldn't ever try and cook anything.  Bake? Yes, sure..I can bake Bread.  But actually COOK something? *sigh*

But I wanted Donuts, dangit!  They sounded so good, and I had a major sweet tooth going on.

I had heard you could make them using canned biscuits! SCORE!  Easy right?

Go to the store, pick up a can.
Go home, use a soda bottle lid and cut out the middles...
 Uh, Ignore the disgusting fingernail polish...I changed it right after this!

Then I fried them up.......
"Yum", I thought....these are gonna be awesome!

Coated it in cinnamon sugar.
Took a big ole Bite.....

It was freaking RAW inside!  I used too big of biscuits!  You should use the smaller ones, not the grande ones.

Crap.  Oh well, lesson learned. Total Fail.

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