Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Frame O' Eyes

I love Halloween.
I dont know if you have noticed, I've only mentioned it once or twice..I think...

Anyway, I was browsing on my favorite site (Pintrest) and saw a super cute frame idea.

I couldn't resist copying it! (Naturally!)

So while I was on a run to Wal-Mart to get some medicine for the MAN COLD that has invaded my house, I thought I would stop by the craft section, and see what I could find.

And I found just what I needed!
Wiggly Eyes
Wooden Letters
I already had the paper from a previous project.
So, Away we go!

What would a Handie Brandie project be wthout Mod Podge,so naturally I put the paper on with Mod Podge, then used my exacto knife to go around the edges.

Then I poured out both bags of the Wiggly Eyes (or Googly eyes, as I have wanted to call them all day!)
I got the Medium and small sizes.

Then one, by one, by freaking ONE.  I super glued the eyes onto the frame.
This. Took. FOREVER.
Really...probably 30-45 minutes.
Which is a long time with you face thisclose to super glue.
Im pretty sure I'm still high.
haha, Kidding! Kind of.

After a while, I enisted help...small 4 year old hands.

He had to inspect it...just to make sure I was doing it right!

Eyes are finished!!

Now for the letters.  On the one I saw on Pintrest, the letters were made out of Chipboard that she cut out on her Cricut...but well, I didnt have Chipboard, and was too lazy to find some..
Wooden letters it is.
Painted Black.

Then I added some Ribbon to the bottom of the frame. Orange, naturally ::)

Hot glued the letters on the ribbon, and VOILA!

This is seriously my most FAVORITE project I've done.  Yes, there is quite a bit of my DNA stuck on the frame...darn super glue.  But its so cute, yet creepy....Perfect for Halloween!!

Whatcha think?



  2. awhhh I love this! And I am so SO glad you shared it over at my link party---I was just thinking I should grab some of those eyeballs for fall crafts...looks like now I know what to do with them!
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy
    (and thank you so so much for linking up at my party!!!)