Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Here's a story...

My, Oh My...I've been a bad blogger!
Its been 3 days since my last confession...I mean post ;)

I've been busy...
Not with crafting though, unfortunately...with LIFE.

My Brother-in-Law got us ticked to the Monster Truck show that came to my town.
Seriously, it sucked.

They had advertised all these big named trucks...and yeah...none of them were there.

Sure, they were cool looking, but Eh, too loud.

Its sad that I went to a Monster Truck show, and the highlight of my weekend was getting a Brita Water Filter Pitcher....

Sad right?

Aside from the exciting times mentioned above, we had some not-so exciting times....

Fixing Cars.
My husband car quit working, and at first we thought it was the starter (EEK!)
But it ended up just being a dead battery..THANK GOODNESS!

So naturally, my son had to go out and help :)

While they were doing their 'Manly bonding' over the engine of the Mustang...
I went inside and taught myself how to Knit.

Yes, Knit.
I can't claim it was was down right AWFUL!
BUT! I did get better! See?
Now that I have the basic stitch down, its time to learn some other ones...Oy Vey! 

And now to the highlight of my Son's weekend/week...
He finally got the courage up to hold my sisters' bird, Jazzy.
Him and Jazzy were like peas and carrots by the end of the night.

The End.

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