Monday, September 12, 2011


I was fiddle farting around on the internet yesterday, and came across this awesome idea for a fun Halloween Craft for the kidlets (with Adult help too, of course)

Just follow these steps, and you'll come out with an adorable Skeleton made out of your name!

What?! Dont believe me....Well...keep going, you'll see!

You will need the following: 8x11 white paper, black construction paper, pencil, scissors, glue.
Got those? Yes? OK great, lets move on

Fold the white paper in half long ways.
On the fold, as close as you can possibly get, write your name in cursive writing..the loopier the better.
I would say try and make it atleast an inch high....of course the first letter being bigger than the rest.

When you have it how you want it....Cut it out.  As close as you can to the lettering.  It doesnt have to be perfect. 

After you cut it out, open it up! You should have something that looks like this.......only with YOUR name, not my sons!

 There! now you have a backbone!
Lets move on to the rest, shall we? Yes, we shall!

Out of the same piece of paper, on the crease, cut out something that resembles a skeleton head...I dont have a template for this, I just kind of free handed it.

Then on the fold of the head shape, cut out the nose and mouth.

Then take the larger upper piece of the head and fold it in half again...and cut a semi-circle out for the eyes.

 When you unfold it all, it should look something like this:

Now its time to cut out the arms and legs.  I free handed these, again, just wing doesnt have to look perfect!

Lookie there! Ain't he cute?!
Now just glue him down on the black construction paper, and you're done!!

OR...are you?

I wasnt...I wanted mine to have a little more flair, I suppose
So I cut the black construction paper around him with some pinking shears...

Then I put him on some ORANGE construction paper, just to give it a little flair.

and wrote a little message :)

Then, I did something kind of stupid....I put a layer of Mod Podge over it.  He wasnt sticking down as good as I wanted....
He wrinkled up :(  Skeletons don't have WRINKLES!!

Oh well...when all was said and done, he turned out SUPER cute!
(Even if my husband says it looks like a Monkey Skeleton...which yeah, it kind of does! lol)

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