Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkin Pickin Time, Ya'll!

I love to make the 45 minute trip to go pick pumpkins!
I love the excitement of going and finding the PERFECT pumpkins.
I love the cooler weather (Ok, so it got into the Mid to upper 80's that day...not so 'cool')
I love all the orange little balls you see just waiting for you out in the field as you ride up on the hay ride.

I DON'T Love...Riding on the hay ride then standing up and still having those sharp little sticks of hay stuck in your pants and jabbing your butt the whole time you're trying to find a pumpkin...and trying not to make a big scene as you try and pat your own butt down to get it out of your pants! HA!

Back to the subject...


Check it out, I did remember something from French Class! WOOT!

RUN! We got our pumpkins guys!

This might be one of my favorite parts of the whole trip...seeing the kids throw the pumpkins up on the trailer.  (Not because they are young, and strong...nope...its because its FUN to watch! lol)

The mountain and crops are awesome too :)

I didnt get many picture of the other things, but I did manage to get a picture of my Sweet Roasted Corn with butter and Parmesan cheese...Oh, My, Word.  Delicious.

I cant wait to get these bad boys all carved up!
(Uh, I should say I cant wait to SHOW you all how these were carved up...since we've already done the carving!....whoops.

And just to leave you with a little Halloween Treat..

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