Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Decorated Pumpkins!

My Father In Law grew some really neat white pumpkins this year.

I loved them!
And he gave me 2 of them!
I didn't turn it down when he offered!

They are almost perfect! They have some boo boos, but nothing horrible!

I saw a fun idea on....

Where else? 
Pintrest :)

So I took a pencil and VERY lightly traced some swirls on the pumpkin.

I then used some black puff paints and 'dotted' along the traced lines.

 I got a little creative, and put a "Y" for my lastname :)

I cant wait for it to all dry so I can put it back on my table.

I have another one I'm going to do the same thing with! LOVE IT!!

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