Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Leaf Painting

It's that time of the year again folks.
Sick Season.

We had a sick day recently in the HB household...It wasnt fun.
Fevers and Belly Aches all around!

So I thought we should do a fun little project that didnt take TOO Much effort, and it would get our minds off of being sick.

So, we put on our flip flops, and headed to the front yard.
We have 2 massive Mullberry trees out there...that have massive (and not so massive) leaves!

So we picked 1 or 2....or....5 or 6...haha

I got out my fall colored paints, and we got to putting some paint on those leaves..

I think my son liked this part the most.....
It went from nice and uniform colors....

to all out madness, and mixed colors! ha! 

As long as he was having fun, I didnt care!

After we got the leaf painted, it was time to turn it over onto the paper.
Then press alllllllll around the leaf, but dont rub, just press.
 Thats ImPRESSive :)

He decided on 4 leaves that day, and this was his finished work!

Doesn't look much different once its all dry!
So fall-ish!

Oh, and I had to totally get in on the action too!
Only I printed mine on canvas...Now to find a frame!

Remember my decorated pumpkin yesterday? And I said I had another one to do?
Yeah, we did that too.
Only, my 4 year old decided that some of the puff paints needed to smudge....Oh well :)

Are you doing any fun fall projects?

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