Thursday, October 27, 2011

Carve Em Up, Sam!

Well, the pumpkins are picked.
The designs are drawn.
Now its time to CARVE!

But first, we have to dig the guts out!
Now let me tell ya...this is the ONLY time I could get Aiden's hand inside that pumpkin.
He just thought it was gross and wouldn't do it...chicken. haha!

But we eventually got it all cleaned out.
Him and Papa got the face all drawn on earlier, so that part was done.

Now it was time to get out the fun little knives, and get started

I have NEVER let Aiden do this part...but he actually asked to do some of it this year.
Was I scared to hand a 4 year old a sharp cutting utensil and let him go at a pumpkin?


I did closely supervise.
And it only lasted all of about 30 seconds when he told me it was 'too hard' for him.

Thats cool, I'll do it.

I love how his turned out...him and my Dad always make the coolest faces!

Then we had the tiny little pumpkin that I made into a baby pumpkin..literally..with one tiny little tooth :)

Oh, and my Owl pumpkin...I'm loving me some owls these days!

Earlier in the week I gave Aiden a plate full of paints, and a mini pumpkin, and let him go at it.

This is the result.

What have you done for Halloween crafts? Carved pumpkins? Lets see!

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