Friday, July 29, 2011


So, yesterday, we left off the fun little paint chip project looking like this:


Ok, now we are getting to the messier part. MOD PODGE.

Oh how i love thee Mod Podge.
(the best part is peeling it off your hands after its dried the the project is done! ha!)

There she is, in all her glory!
Oh, I used the Matte version of Mod Podge for this particular real reason, just the one i grabbed.

So, I poured a pretty good blob (yes, thats the technical term) onto the middle of the piece.
I ended up needing more than that, so i just dribbled on some more as I went along.

Spreading it evenly in a medium-thick layer alllllll over.

Then do it two more time. For a total of 3 layers.

Then, you take this mess OUTSIDE! This next part stinks...peee yewwww
Dark Walnut stain. Put a good layer (one dip in the little teeny can I have was all it took)
all over the piece

*GASP* What did I DO!??!
No worries, I got this.

10 minutes later, I just wiped it off....make sure your use your paper towel and rub some into the lines the mod podge left...dont wipe it all off!

I let the stain 'dry' for about 2 hours, then I sprayed a light dusting of clear coat on it.

Lets pretend that I let it sit over night (Im too antsy, I wanted to see the finished project)

And there she is, in all her beautiful glory.
the frame is one that I yard sale-d...25 cents if I remember right. BOO YEAH.

I shall call her Sally, and she shall hang in my kitchen.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Better, see?

Told ya I was getting better! This post is my proof!
Better at what?

This project isnt finished, but I had to wait a few days for things to dry completley and Im just too impatient to not here's my progress on this project.
Remember my post from yesterday?
Of course you do, it was JUST yesterday after all.
I made the square Paint Chip art piece.... Well here is a variation on it, that i decided to do late in the evening on a total whim....
Whims are fun :)

I started out by just laying out my design, getting the colors where I wanted them...I seriously think this was the longest part of the whole picky, ok?

Now that I had my design down, I needed somewhere to stick it to...the paint chips...not...well..nevermind that.

Anyway, I took the backing out of a frame, and it had one of those pre-done frames that you can tape your pictures to, collage like. I dont care for I used that and another thicker piece of cardstock and glued them together...then glued the paint chips to that.
Using my Handie Dandie (haha, see what I did there?) Spray glue.
Gotta line those pieces up just right....though, im off on some. Oh well.

So when you get them all glued down, you'll have something that resembles this:
The edges hanging over the side, looking all point and what not. (If I had a bigger frame, I would have left it, I thought it looked neat!)

But..I needed it to fit in my frame, so I turned it over, and ever so gently (me? haha) cut off the excess.

When its flipped back over, you have this!

There are a few more steps, but that's for another post, folks.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I suck at pictures, I admit.

When I first began my walk into the craft world, I didnt intend on starting a blog...So i rarely took step by step pictures of my projects, since I knew I was just going to end up annoying my facebook friends with them.....(Sorry guys!)
But I did take a few.

I bought this beauty at a yard sale for $1.00


I deframed her, and got rid of that awful gold-ish white-ish paint on its just nice and white now!

(please excuse my crate o' wires, and my shadowy hands in the bottom of the picture...i swear im getting better at these things!)

So after much debate about what to do...I got some inpiration to do something with Paint Chips...and here is what my final outcome was

While its not exactly like the picture on the link, it turned out pretty cool in my opinion. I had some extra paint chips, so I made another project...but thats for another day.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Light it up!

A while back, my Father In-law gave me a white Ikea lamp that someone had given him...I wasnt sure what to do with it, so it sat in my spare room for a while...I couldn't figure out what to do with it.This is where Facebook comes in. I posted about said lamp, and asked if anyone had any suggestions. And withthe help of a friend, I found the perfect solution.

Here is that solution:

Now that we've established the finished product, lets get to how I got to it.

It all started with this lamp....

Then I tore some pages out of a trashy romance novel that I had....I honestly dont even remember the name of the book!! Then I burnt the edges of the pages with a lighter that I had to steal from my husband - ninja style - Or um, I asked him....he said yes.

After I burnt the edges, I soaked the pages in some water I had some black paint mixed give it a darker 'antique' look. Then layed them out on drying racks to dry up. It took about 30 mins for the pages to dry totally.

Once the pages were dry, I took the plain ole boring lampshade, and started using my trusty mod podge, and gluing the pages to the shade. At the bottom and top I folded it under and mod podged it to the back side of the lamp...pretty easy. If I remember correctly, it took about 12 pages of the burnt paper to totally cover the shade, with much over-lapping.

I did about 3 coats total of mod podge on the shade..letting each coat dry totally inbetween. Then I put a coat of clear coat spray on it, just incase.

I also busted out my best friend...spray paint! I painted the base of the lamp black, to match the 'antique' look of the shade.

Here is the final product:

I love love love love this project.
It turned out much better than I had anticipated, and I cant wait to find somewhere in my house to use far its just been put back in my spare room...poor neglected lamp.
(potatoes anyone?)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

New ideas!

Im very excited to announce my new project...Sanding down and then painting my dining room table! It'll be a work in progress, and I wont be posting pictures for a few weeks as I get it all done, but Im so very excited to get this done!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

First Follower!

Got my first follower today! Thanks Marlana!

For the past few days I've been scouring different blogs, trying to find some inspiration for new craft ideas. I have infact found quite a few, and I have also found a really neat site that I have enjoyed using!
Abbi from over at ten7six introduced it to me.
The website is called Pintrest. You get a button for your tool bar, and whenever you find something online you would like to remember, you 'pin it' then it gets saved on the website, and you can go back and look at it later. Its been a true lifesaver! Thanks Abbi! (Im not getting paid to promote the site, I just thought it was REALLY cool!)

Im off to save the world, er, I mean...find inspiration. Now if only this pesky thing called WORK wouldnt get in the way of my creativity! ha!

Edit: We're up to 4 followers! YAY!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just testing

I'm just testing this whole posting from my phone deal....and to hopefully show a sneak peek of my first project on my spiffy new blog...

Ready? Me too!

Aint she a beauty?

Are ya ready kids?

Aye Aye Captain!
Lame. I know.
Ok, so this is the start of my blog. Expect great things my friends, great crafty, awesomely horrible (atleast some) things. Follow me if you this crazy adventure!