Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crochet your heart out!

I've been in a very chillax mood lately when its been time to craft.
I haven't had a ton of inspiration, and to be quite honest...my craft room is a hot mess, so I dont really want to even go in there! ha!

But I HAVE been in a crochet-ing mood.
Youtube has been an amazing source for all these really neat stitches and ideas for crochet projects.

Here is one that I made just lastnight!
The yard was a PITA to work with, but the cap turned out so cute!

AND, This is by far one of my most favorite pieces I have made, ever.
The picture does not do the color justice, its a super pretty lilac color.

Ms. Shelby Jane will be rocking it in style this winter (since ya know, Winter is just barely starting for some!)

Also, my Mom gave me some of my Grandma's old crochet hooks, and I adore using them! Makes me feel like she is right there, showing me what to do :) <3


  1. I just LOVE these! Now we need a post with Ms Shelby in them! :D

  2. How do I get the instructions for the crocodile stitch baby hat?